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We are brothers, Jason and Bradley Bourne, and together we are proud to carry on our great grandfather’s name and legacy.


90 years ago Arthur cycled from Abergavenny, Wales to Tonbridge, Kent with the passion and vision to become a carpenter. Ever since his children and grandchildren have followed in his footsteps becoming tradespeople in their own respects, upholding Arthur’s name and reputation for having an eye for detail and delivering the highest professional standards whilst maintaining the friendly, personal feel of a family-run business and whilst Arthur may no longer be with us, his values and legacy still live on.


Jason a decorator by trade whilst Bradley being a Plasterer, through both our respective trades we have seen and dealt with the costly and disruptive side effects of water ingress as a direct result of poor gutter maintenance and as such have actively sought to broaden our skill sets to help prevent this. 

Knowing the pride in which people have for their properties, and that prevention is far more preferable than cure, we are now very excited to be able to further extend our property maintenance services by bringing you Arthur Bourne Gutter Clear.

Bradley Bourne - Arthur Bourne Gutter Cl
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