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  • Blocked gutters become heavy & become damaged easily.

  • Overflowing rainwater can cause damp inside your home.

  • Blocked gutters can stop water draining away causing ground saturation which can lead to issues with your foundations or footings.

  • Standing water in gutters can lead to damage under the facia board & to the eaves of your roof.

If the root cause of damp in your home is identified as poor gutter maintenance, this is known as preventative peril, then you may find that you might have to provide evidence of gutter maintenance taking place.

Arthur Bourne are proud to use 'SkyVac' gutter clearing equipment. 'SkyVac' is specifically designed, time efficient, high level gutter-cleaning system which has been specially developed for outdoor robust work. This replaces the requirement for expensive, inflexible and often undesirable time consuming cherry pickers and scaffolding.

Before gutter clearing

SkyVac 0086.jpg

After gutter clearing

SkyVac 0104.jpg

We can reach  those hard to get to gutters without leaving the ground.

What can we remove from your gutters?

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